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Ancient Wisdom

Less Stress: Premium Essential Oil Blend (10 ml)

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Relax: Calm: Soothe

A soothing premium essential oil blend to help you relax, enhance your ambience and instil calm and peace in your surroundings.

Less stress is a blend of lemon, lavender and clary sage essential oils.

How to use:

Add in 10-15 drops of the blend into an aroma diffuser, a running bath or a tub of water to soak in your feet.

You can also dilute the blend with a base oil and apply 2-3 drops on your wrists or on the sole of your feet. Apply with care and remember to dilute it with a carrier base oil (eg: avocado oil, coconut oil or sweet almond oil) before applying them over skin. Stop immediately if you experience any kind of skin irritation.