7 Days Of Spring Cleansing

7 Days Of Spring Cleansing

Join us for the Seven Days of Spring Cleansing Challenge! For the next seven days, we are going to provide you with self-care tips and products to help you detox, declutter, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Take this opportunity to incorporate self care rituals in your daily routine and enhance your wellbeing.

So, what is Spring Cleansing? It’s simple, it’s a combination of detoxifying yourself while also enjoying the beautiful season of spring. We all know that the practice of Spring Cleaning involves the action to clean your home during springtime. Well, instead of Spring Cleaning your home, we are urging you to Spring Clean yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. This can be achieved in several ways such as by applying a body scrub, taking social media breaks, going for a walk outdoors and much more. The team at the EMS Wellbeing Store, have put together our top recommended activities that you can easily incorporate in your everyday life and get a detox and a cleanse.

So, are you ready? We recommend reading through this blog, getting the products and your mindset ready and then go all in for the Seven Days of Spring Cleanse, starting Monday!

Day 1: Cleanse Your Home Ambience

Let’s begin with cleansing the environment we live and breathe in.

Sage sticks are a great way to remove negative influences from the environment, invite positive energy and create feelings of inner calm. Light up one end of a sage stick, set your intentions for the week to create positive vibes and direct the smoke around all areas and surfaces in your home and work space. My personal favourite are the “Peaceful Sage Sticks”. I can feel the positive vibes around me after I have cleansed my home with sage. They work on both physical and emotional levels and make me feel grounded and optimistic about life.

Day 2: Bathe That Body

We all know how important it is to shower and bathe every day, but we forget just how important it is to cleanse our skin on a regular basis as well. Skin needs both moisture and cleansing to stay healthy - and luckily body oils provide for both. We recommend using an Aromatherapy Bath and Body oil as it has multiple benefits of moisturising, cleansing as well as the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Apply it directly to your skin after a bath or shower and massage it upwards gently towards your heart. One of our team members uses the Mind Spa Body & Bath Oil every other evening after a long hard day of work and she has seen instant benefits! The oil helps relax her muscles and unwind before going to bed. The nutrients from the nourishing essential oils, sweet almond and jojoba oils provide deep nourishment to the skin. To revive, refresh, and drain away tension and accumulated stress, we recommend adding a few drops of the bath oil into a running bath or apply to your body after a shower or bath, at least two times a week.

Day 3: Meditate To Clear Your Mind

"When your room is clean and uncluttered, you have no choice but to examine your inner state." - Marie Kondo. The same is applicable to our mind. A clean and focused mind allows us to connect more deeply with our inner selves, become more self-aware, and connect with our innate desires. 

Meditation is one of the most popular and effective forms of self-care. It's a great way to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. The process itself is fairly simple: Meditating can be done in any position you find comfortable or by following a guided meditation on YouTube or an app like Headspace or Calm. It can take as little as five minutes each day to see the benefits of meditation. There are different styles of meditation - including mantra, guided visualisations, and breath work. In the initial stages, meditating can feel very difficult - especially when you've never tried it before. That's why it's important to go into it gradually, with an open mind and do your research on different methods to find the method that works best for you. To establish a sacred place, feel grounded, and relaxed, I tend to diffuse a peaceful essential oil such as the Sweet Dreams Diffuser Oil Blend or use a singing bowl during my meditation and yoga sessions. We’ve got a variety of Singing bowls in our store; though I personally love using the “Yellow Singing Bowl” during my online yoga sessions. It was tricky to use at first, but with the assistance of my yoga teacher, I slowly got into the rhythm and routine of utilising it every day, especially before bed. It can help with reducing sleep problems by lowering your heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature and thus improve sleep quality. Could you make Meditation a regular self care ritual, this Spring?

 Day 4: Light Up Your Spring Candle

Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy that is used to promote physical and mental health. Various essential oils are extracted from plants, fruits, flowers, and trees to create different scents. These scents can help calm and soothe individuals with anxiety or depression. 

Candles are often a good way to promote aromatherapy as the flame gently releases the therapeutic essential oil aromas into the ambience without creating smoke. They are a great way to feel uplifted, refreshed and calm.

There are several scents that you can choose from, based on your personal choice. For example, if your goal is to feel more energised, citrus scents may be better suited for you. If your goal is to feel more relaxed, you would want something that smells like lavender. Whatever the case may be, it’s always better to find what works best for your well being!

Personally, I've been trying to feel more energised and uplifted this spring, and I think I found the candle that does the job. Chilli Winter’s highly recommended Uplifting Candle can give you a boost of energy and make you feel revitalised. A candle that not only illuminates your space but also improves your mood, allowing you to enjoy a more relaxing and productive day. This soy wax candle, infused with natural essential oils of lemon and lemongrass, helps to relieve anxiety while allowing you to enjoy the present moment. Whenever you are feeling low or overwhelmed, light this candle up. Allow the springtime aromas to brighten your day and refresh your mind…

Day 5: Detox Your Muscles

The weekend is quickly approaching, so it’s time to relax the aches and pains in your body, prepare for a crazy girl’s night out or just simply spend the weekend relaxing on your couch! I love to indulge myself into a bubbly bath on a weekend for a quick cleanse and unwind. My life saving ingredient has got to be the Sweet Dreams Bath Salts from Clarity Blend which helps pause and restore your energy for the week ahead. The harmonious blends of lavender, frankincense and geranium guarantee a good night's sleep, relieving all your daily stress and worries. Here are the steps I like to follow in order to cleanse my skin and restore a peaceful night's sleep

  1. Start with a hot bath: This will help open up your pores and allow the salts to penetrate deep into your muscles.

  1. Add 1-2 cups of Sweet Dreams Bath Salts: This will help to draw out toxins and ease muscle pain.

  1. Let it work its magic: Soak for 20-30 minutes. This allows yourself time to relax and will maximise the benefits of the bath.

  1. Rinse off with cold water: This will help to close your pores and prevent any further detoxing.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in, doze off and dream easy... 

Day 6: Reflect On Your Thoughts

Let's also take some time this weekend to reflect on how the week has gone so far…

Identify any recurring thoughts and patterns that are impeding our progress, thank them for their service up to this point, and then let them go. Cleanse feelings of scarcity and attract abundance, greatness, and a happy way of life. I like to use a journal to reflect on and record the changes I want to make in the coming days to live a happier and more fulfilled life. It clears your mind as well as saves you time. Yes, it takes time, but by writing, you are cleansing your mind of all the frustrations of the past and releasing your anxieties about the future. Actively engaging with those thoughts and then letting them go can result in your unfocused mind to become more present. The Mind Notes l Daily Wellbeing Journal from LSW London is a perfect tool to keep exercising your mind and keep up with this cleansing self-care habit.

Day 7: Create A Vision Board

It's the last day of Spring Cleaning, and we recommend making a vision board to let go of the past and start fresh with purpose and intentions. Make a vision board of everything you want and believe that you can have it all! Create a new canvas for your dreams, look at it every day, believe that you deserve them, imagine a life with them in it, and work hard to achieve them. Use a simple notebook or you can choose from the variety of beautiful journals available on our store. Dream, doodle, bring clarity in your thoughts and desires and start building that fascinating vision board. Studies show creating vision boards can help with reducing anxiety & depression when combined with solution-focused therapy. This kind of psychotherapy assists you in changing your thinking patterns and behaviours in order to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Did you enjoy these seven days of cleanse? Do you follow any other Spring Cleansing Rituals? Share with us in comments. 

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